What is a Spray Tan and Why do you need it

What is a Spray Tan and Why do you need it


How did it all started?

Up until the 1920s, tan skin was a sign of poverty and a creamy complexion was the epitome of beauty.Alabaster,pale skin that rarely saw the sun was a sign of glamour and luxury.That is, until Coco Chanel came along. As the story goes, the fashion icon got a little too much sun on one of her yacht trips in the Cannes in 1923, returning to the spotlight with a bronze glow. Her sun-kissed look launched a fad and eventually, an entire industry revolving around achieving the perfect tan.
Soon, celebrities and socialites were flocking to tropical destinations during the winter, using sunlamps to darken their once-porcelain skin. Another interesting fact:during WWII, women used tea bags to mimic a natural-looking tan.
Up until Kardashian sisters and Paris Hilton came along sunless spray tans were one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets.Tinseltown’s finest kept it mum on how they always looked so radiant on the red carpet. But spray tanning industry didn’t explode until first Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2006.People at home were watching backstage preparations with models being sprayed on by a “magic” solution that made them appear tanner,slimmer,glowier and more super model-esque.

Nowadays you don’t have to be a famous person or “bake” under the scorching sun to achieve a golden glow.All you have to do is book an appointment and achieve instant celebrity status by simply getting a spray tan!

When doctors and dermatologists noticed a surge in skin cancer in 1970’s it fueled significant research on the effects of UV rays on our skin. Extreme sun exposure was linked to skin cancer and a host of other physical conditions.
Tanning beds and self-tanners soon stepped in to help health-conscious tan-seekers achieve a sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. By the 1980’s, tanning beds were becoming increasingly popular, as were spray tans. Researchers have since discovered that tanning beds and sunlamps are just as harmful as laying out in the sun, prompting the FDA to discourage people from using them for sun-kissed skin. The popularity of tanning beds has been on the decline ever since, even as tanned skin stays firmly in fashion.

Early spray tans got a bad rap for two reasons. First, they often produced an “oompa loompa” effect that left skin orange and streaky.Think Ross in “Friends”episode where his spray tanning experience goes awry. And then there was the less-than-appetizing smell, caused by the use of DHA in an unnatural form. But luckily for us, this major beauty faux pas has been largely eclipsed in the latest generation of spray tan lovers.Sunless spray tans today can produce the most natural looking colors.
Colors can range from light/medium/medium-dark and finally competition stage colors.Sunless spray tans are not one color fits all! Most sunless spray tan solutions are odorless or have mild scent of tropical fruits.Also the colors has to match your natural skin’s undertones and that’s where you need to a homework: Look for a sunless spray technician who is trained and certified.Check their websites,see before and after pictures of their previous work and lastly always ask for credentials.And no,Youtube University “diploma”doesn’t count (being tad sarcastic).

All-Natural sunless spray tans became wildly popular in 2010.DHA-based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology Association, Canadian Dermatology Association and the American Medical Association as a safer alternative to sun-bathing
As innovators and lovers behind our sunless spray tans,we’ve partnered up with a sunless lab in California to bring all natural and organic products to our clients here in Laredo.
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