Sugar Skull Princesses

Oct-KX9B2448cynthigarzaphotographyHey guys and girls,

One of my favorite times of the year is almost here and I am ready for cooler days,sweaters,boots,pumpkin spice everything and Halloween.But its’s still warm and sunny here in South Texas but I am patiently waiting for a cool down,very patiently…

Anyways few days ago,couple of talented creatives and I  jumped right ahead and decided to create something spook-tacular with a touch of glam!

The inspiration behind this project was Mexican Day of the Dead Celebration or Dia de los Muertos. My talented assistant-makeup artist,Karina and hairstylist,Topaz have done an outstanding job in recreating these looks and Cynthia brought my vision to life with her camera. And of course,we couldn’t have done this project without our gorgeous models,Melissa,Cecy and Diana.

I’ve always been fascinated by this tradition,colorful costumes,flowers and sugar skull paintings. Our project was strictly ART inspired,hope you guys enjoy!




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