The right way to wear Red lipstick

According to a study from the University of Manchester, lip size is insignificant when it comes to perception of attractiveness; color is what matters most.
Scientists tracked the eye movements of 50 men and found that they spent 2.2 seconds on lipstick-free mouths, 6.7 seconds on pink lips, and 7.3 seconds looking at red lips (regardless of fullness).
First of all, it comes down to picking the right shade for you. The secret is to find one that completely works with your skin tone.

Blue-toned reds look cooler and more retro, whilst poppy orangey reds are warmer and look a little bit more modern. And those dark very berry reds that you covet on the covers of magazines and backstage are totally achievable too – when you know the right products and shades to buy.

For the ultimate classic cool-girl look make sure you team your new red lipstick with a natural nude eyeshadow and just a hint of mascara. Or try slicking on a feline black liquid eye-liner to look like you’ve just stepped out of the 1950s.
Whatever look you’re choosing to go for, add classic glamour and an air of elegance to any ensemble by picking the best red lipstick for your complexion and budget.

Here are my personal tips on how to achieve the perfect pout;

Exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush or lip scrub and then top it off with a lip balm.
Pick a pencil that closely matches your lipstick.
Outline your lips defining your cupid’s bow then fill in your lips
My favorite red lipliner is by MAC Cosmetics (Follow your Heart)
For longer lasting results,apply lipstick with a lip brush.
My all time favorite red lipstick is by MAC cosmetics (Ruby Woo)



10 Beauty Mistakes that are making you look old



We are all on the quest to look young and in the beauty world,there are many different procedures to help to aid us on this mission.
While some cosmetic procedures provide temporary effects,makeup is one thing most of us wear everyday.

Once we find a set of makeup products we like-say,in your 20’s-too many of us avoid switching things up,sometimes for years!
But something simple as the way you apply your makeup can have a great effect on how young or how old you look.

Here is top 10 the most common,and most aging,makeup application mistakes.

Mistake #1

Not properly hydrating and moisturizing the skin before makeup application
Skin prep is the key when it comes to any skin,young or old.
Make sure to always apply your favorite moisturizer and good eye cream before you begin any makeup application.

Check out this website for best eye creams


Mistake #2

Wearing wrong colored foundation
This rules applies to anyone who wears makeup.
When you go too light it makes skin appear flat and lifeless which also adds years to a face.But if you go too dark,you are not highlighting your features but dragging them down and adding heaviness that is just as aging.

Mistake #3

Using too much shimmer
While some shimmery eyeshadows on your eyelids can be very flattering if placed correctly,I highly suggest staying away from shimmer on your face and lips. Shimmer accentuates wrinkles and thats not flattering on mature skin.

Mistake #4

Powdering too much
Powder is not your best friend after age of 35.
Powder needs to applied very sparingly and with a light hand.Gentle dusting with a powder brush on T-zone area (forehead,bridge of the nose and chin area) that’s all you need.If applied to much it can look dry and can set in every single wrinkle especially around the eye area.



Choosing a lipstick that’s too dark
Ruby red may have been your signature lip color since your 20’s but as you age,you lose definition in lips,so to appear more youthful,you’ll want to wear a lipstick that adds fulness.
Dark color does just the opposite,making lips look smaller and less plump.
My favorite shades for my mature clients are mauves,dark pinks and corals.

Mistake #6

Not making friends with your blush
The right color blush can add a youthful look to a face but the key is to find the right shade of blush.
Women with fair skin and medium skin tones should look for rosy pinks and peaches,and darker skin tones look best with coral and berry shades.

Mistake #7

Not adding color and filling in your eyebrows

Eyebrow color fades as you age,so filling in over plucked spots and gray hair is a must. Keep your eyebrows shaped and defined and choose a pencil that is one to two shades lighter than your natural brow color.

Mistake #8

Not curling your lashes and not applying mascara

Curling your eyelashes is the easiest thing you can do to make your eyes appear bigger and therefore younger.
Adding 1-2 coats of mascara on your lashes can do wonders.
Choose lengthening mascara to give an illusion of longer lashes.

Mistake #9

Applying too many dark colors on your face
If you want to go for smoky eye look,keep your lips neutral.
Or if you want to wear darker lip shade keep your eyes simple.The rule is to never have too many dark colors going on at the same time.

Mistake #10

Dressing too trendy
This is not makeup related but it is just important.
Unless you are in the fashion industry,steer clear of fashion that seem very in the moment (think crop tops and high waisted jeans).Rather invest in classic,sophisticated items such as blazers,pencil skirts,perfectly tailored pants,classic white shirt and wrap dresses that will never be out of style.Monica BellucciMonica Bellucci is a perfect example of timeless beauty